How to Download Music on iPhone iOS 13 – 13.1 using Melodista app

Melodista is the new player app, that was recently released to the AppStore. It has many great features and no ADS! Melodista is one of it’s kind: combines great user experience and lack of ads or anything that could distract users. Today, we gonna learn how to download music using this application.

1. First, make sure you have iOS 13 or up installed on your device

Melodista Features many other ways to download music, but this primary method is the most convenient and easy to use from day to day. Once you got iOS 13, open Safari browser and visit any of those websites:

2. Search for artist or a song on the website

Once you’ve found what you were looking for, press on the Download button and you will see the following menu:

If you have iOS 12, click on Save to Cloud and choose the Cloud provider you use. Choose download on iOS 13. It will then start automatically downloading the track.

After download, download Melodista app:

Open the app and click on “Cloud” button in the top right corner and select Files App. In the files, navigate to downloads folder and select the track which you’ve downloaded – it should then appear in the Melodista right away!

And that’s it, you can now listen to your favorite music without internet connection! Read more Melodista tutorials in this blog to learn more tips and tricks within the app! Thank you!