How to Get Apple Music ++ Free Premium without Subscription?

This article is for everyone who has been searching for Apple Music++ and wanted to get a Full Premium Account of Apple Music on their iOS device. First, if you ever see Apple Music++ on the internet, chances are it’s a fake video or an article, simply because there has never been and never will be a ++ version of Apple Music. Why people search for it? Because, for example, Spotify++ is a free Premium version of Spotify app. But it’s not applicable to the Apple Music. But hold on, we’ve got a solution for you.

Can I get Apple music for free?

A few articles back we explained how to get a free full version of apple music without any of the scratchy installations and in a few steps officially. You can learn about it here:

Best iOS music offline player
free iOS music player

Alternatively, I’d like to show you the app, that mimics Apple Music and has a lot of worthy features. Most importantly, this app is completely free to install from the AppStore.

It’s called Melodista Offline Music player and has several advantages:

  1.  Create and organize folder playlists
  2. Import tracks from clouds and Files app
  3. Manage, copy, move, rename and transfer files
  4. Supports many audio formats
  5. Edit Song Picture and name
  6. Share with friends 
  7. Use sleep timer at night
  8. Dark Mode 
  9. All popular player controls
  10. Player gets updated every two weeks with new features

Apart from this, Melodista already has thousands of happy users, who use it every day. And a strong 4.6 rating on the AppStore gives a real first impression of the player.